hang on

if 83.7% of participants said they were glad they’d taken part in the study

and 1.3% said they weren’t

what about the other 15%?

also, there were 40 participants, so 1.3% is half a person?

think i’ve got the wrong numbers, fuck psychology.

i spend all day running around for other people, and this is my thanks?

fucking hell, karma can go fuck itself cause it’s not working…

fucking morrissey

possibly starting beef on facebook

i’m scared now, i’m going to go to sleep

so my ex just posted this on facebook

“he says that he wants to make love to you
but instead of “to”, shouldn’t that be “with”?”

- leftovers - jarvis cocker

i’m such a boring person

not even kidding, i swear there’s about 5 people at college who like talking to me

i didn’t want to put this on facebook

but i’m pretty fucking pleased with my results


that is all

i will learn to roll one day
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